Introduction -- From a Shoebox

Welcome to "My Dearest Dorely". This blog is to showcase letters and postcards and other small documents from the late 1800's into the late 1900's. These were found one day by my husband as he was throwing trash into the dumpster at the hardware store where we worked. We have saved them, never quite knowing what to do with them--just knew that we didn't want them to end up at a landfill.

With the ability to blog, this means that we can show these letters to the world, and get help with interpretation (there are many written in a foreign language) and we can get some help with identifying some of the photos on the postcards and the locations from where these documents originated.

(Since two World Wars have taken place since these letters and postcards were written, some of the scenery might well have changed from those days.)

It would be our ultimate goal to get these letters to the relatives or family of the authors of them.

Come along for a fun adventure as we try to solve some mysteries!

I will show each piece of correspondence, and will include any other information that I can with each piece, such as the postmark and what address and country the letter originated from.

There is a good quantity of letters and postcards to go through, so I shall be here awhile! Interesting subjects can be found in some of the letters. In one, the Lindbergh baby kidnapping is discussed, in another, the Hindenburg explodes! I hope you find the handwriting as beautiful as I do, some letters are five and six pages long! They come from many countries spread around this great big world.

(I have no idea who is pictured in the above photo. Several photos were in the shoebox, but the people pictured in most of them are not identified.)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

(12.28.1915) To: Dorely From: 47 Crayford Way Kent

{This letter was to Dorely from what appears to be her maternal grandmother from the address in the post heading.  It is written in pen, with poor penmanship and was just a couple very long, run on sentences, the writer does not appear to have been in good health.  I tried to insert some punctuation to make it easier to read.}

Miss Dorethea Meyer(s)
1228 Garland Street
Flint, MI USA

Darling Dorely  xxxxx

Thank you so much for your nice letter I received yesterday evening.  I had Mother two days before.  So you see dear it was our only one day quicker the post date on Mother's was Dec. 3rd & yours the 6th.  I am sorry to hear of the sad news of your puppy.  You seem to be unfortunate with your pets.  Am pleased to hear you are taking up your music again.  I hope you will stick fast to it. I am so sorry to hear about Mother having been so ill & I do hope she will soon feel strong & well again.  You must help her all you can dear & be good to her.  Am glad to hear such good news of (Dennis?) and hope he will get on--I hope you will all have a very happy xmas.  Yes I wish we could be together.  I would so happy if I could only see you all.  I would love to come over to you, but am afraid the authorities would not pass me.  & then I think you would all be disappointed with me.  Ten years makes such a lot of difference when one is old & since the accident--I feel old & look another ten years--I am not feeling to(sp) well again.  We are having very cold weather the last few days it does not quit.  Me I feel like a chunk of ice.  Uncle Will has a very bad cough.  Auntie (Emmie?) wants us to spend xmas with her and Peggy (I do hope it will be warmer by then.)  Uncle Arthur is expected home in the New Year.  He has been away nearly 2 years of course he may get home for xmas.  Well my dear one thank Mother for her nice letter to me & tell her I will write in a day or so.  Give my love to Dennis Raymond Mother & daddy & wishing you all every happiness & good luck.  God bless you all.  From your ever loving nannie Uncle Will sends love & (??) to all xxxxxxxx


  1. I just joined up to be a follower of your blog and I think it is so awesome to have something like this dated so far back and be a part of history. Letters are of the past...telephones & computers have taken their place. :0(
    Come and visit anytime...


  2. Thanks, Linda! I am so glad you're going to watch all the letters unfold here on this blog! One by one, we'll open them up and try to see what we can!

    Some of the writing is so fancy, it's hard to read!

    I can't wait to visit your blog!